VCNO Standards of Conduct

The Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) Standards of Conduct application is a mobile version of the VCNO’s Standards of Conduct Guidance Memorandum for All Flag Officers, a resource provided to ensure that US Navy Flag Officers and their staffs administer and maintain a comprehensive ethics program. The app provides overarching guidance on Navy Standards of Conduct, as well as targeted summaries, tools, and references for the most frequently encountered topics.

While VCNO’s Standards of Conduct Guidance Memorandum is addressed to Flag Officers, the app is useful for all Navy personnel, in particular Flag staffs, Commanding Officers, Judge Advocates/General Counsel, Ethics Counselors, and others. The VCNO’s Memorandum for All Flag Officers and various Point Papers compose the bulk of the app’s guidance. However, the app also offers Best Practice forms and checklists, as well as dynamic and interactive approaches to help users understand the practical applications of Standards of Conduct guidance. The application is divided into the following sections for ease of use:

  • Memorandum for All Flag Officers provides the most recent VCNO Standards of Conduct Guidance Memorandum.
  • The Point Papers section includes targeted summaries on a wide range of topics, including travel, gifts, political activities, communications with industry, government vehicles, post-government employment, and other topics, with applicable references to rules, regulations and ethical principles in each area.
  • Best Practice Forms provides worksheets and forms to ensure a well-documented, coordinated staff review of common Standards of Conduct issues.
  • The Annual Ethics Audit Checklists section offers an interactive topical list to be reviewed each year and discussed with an Ethics Counselor.
  • Navigation Channels provides users the ability to explore potential courses of action based on chosen variables.
  • The app also includes sections offering References and Useful Links, as well as Emergency resources and a Favorites section for bookmarking parts of the app that a user finds personally important.