Want to know how to better protect your mission, fellow service members and family from potential adversaries? The U.S. Navy’s OPSEC app – UPDATED FOR 2018 — is an all-in-one Operations Security reference, training and education tool for Department of Navy (DoN) personnel and their family members. This app consolidates all relevant DoN OPSEC policies, references, tools and training aids into one convenient, easy-to-use application for your mobile device. This is your one-stop OPSEC shop!

This version of the app has been updated to include the new “Uncle Sam’s OPSEC” course (USOPSEC, v3), as well as policy updates, documents, videos, references, links and an improved overall look and feel. The app is divided into the following sections for ease of use:

  • Policy/Guidance: Includes Joint, DoD, Navy and Marine Corps Policies; Navy Tactics, Techniques and Procedures; Marine Corps Warfighting Publication; and handbooks.
  • Training: Features Uncle Sam’s OPSEC computer-based training, an instructor-led General Military Training presentation and ten supervisor led face-to-face scenarios, also known as vignettes. Uncle Sam’s OPSEC steps users through the OPSEC process, followed by five optional short modules specifically designed for personnel in Leadership, Planning, Acquisition, Public Affairs and OPSEC Program Manager positions.
  • Products: Includes training videos on a multitude of OPSEC topics, training briefs and posters to assist OPSEC program managers in educating their crews.
  • Assessments: Features information and resources to assist OPSEC program managers on how to conduct annual OPSEC assessments at their command. A step-by-step guide, briefing tools, assessment checklists and sample questionnaires are included.
  • Favorites/FAQs: Use this section to highlight parts of the app you find most valuable. The Frequently Asked Questions module addresses some of the most common and prevalent OPSEC issues affecting DoN personnel today, like spear phishing, social engineering and computer hacking.