Domestic Violence Prevention

The Navy’s Domestic Violence Prevention – All Hands (DVP-AH) app, revised for 2018, is a mobile training and resource tool that provides easy access to information and instructions regarding the prevention of domestic violence and child abuse.

The 2018 upgrade features new materials, videos and creative interfaces to make this required training more intuitive, interactive and educational. The upgrade includes information about Talia’s Law for reporting child abuse and new requirements for all instances of child abuse to be reported to the Family Advocacy Program. The DVP-AH app is designed to satisfy the following learning objectives:

  • Define domestic violence and child abuse
  • Identify the types of domestic violence
  • Identify some factors associated with becoming an abuser
  • Identify the three phases within the cycle of domestic violence
  • Identify some tactics used by abusers in domestic violence cases
  • Identify some ways domestic violence affects children
  • Identify domestic violence reporting options
  • Identify characteristics of the two reporting options
  • Identify requirements for reporting any suspected child abuse
  • Identify some domestic violence and child abuse resources

In addition, the app provides links to key DVP-AH resources and an “Emergency” contacts section that offers information on services like the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Military Crisis Line. The DVP-AH app aggregates information from a variety of sources.