I'm Ricardo. A Designer, Developer, and Engineer

Seeking to empower advocates of a more open, conscious, and loving world through innovation, art, and technology.

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Prohibited Podcast

Prohibited is a podcast about prohibition of all aspects in modern society.

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But What About

Butwhatabout.net is a reference database for social justice tools and resources. Advancing the global community through educating the public.

Web Development

Catharsis on the Mall

Catharsis on the Mall exists to create accessible spaces for healing. We do this by expanding the bounds of expression, connection, and inclusion in public and civic places, through direct engagement in participatory art, political action, holistic modalities, and sacred practice that restores ourselves and our communities, fostering social change.

About Me

Hello! I’m Ricardo. I love code, technology, and art.

I’m a software engineer and hacktivist based out of Centreville, VA with 5+ years of experience designing, building, and maintaining websites and mobile apps. My biggest strength is adaptability, and as such I love exploring any coding languages, technologies, and ways of thinking. However, I do have a loving relationship with Xamarin, .Net, and React.

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